Little Hands at Work and Play

Childcare & Educational Programs

For Preschool Children

Let your kids be introduced to the world of education in a safe environment with our preschool program! Our preschool course is made for children from 3 to 5 years old.

Program Overview

Colors and Shapes: Recognizing and naming primary colors and recognizing basic shapes

Numbers: Recognizing numbers from 0 to 10, using numerals 0 to 10 in counting, comparing quantities to determine more or less, and identifying pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters

Language: Experimenting with writing independently, introduction to reading, listening and responding to literature being read, recognizing letters, first and last names and following simple directions.

Concepts: Understanding big and little, long and short, up and down, in and out, hot and cold, night and day

Motor Skills: Strengthening their ability to run and jump, throw a ball, clap hands, building with blocks, compete simple puzzles, draw and color

Social Emotional Development: Learning to play and share with other children, put toys away, help with chores and work independently.