Little Hands at Work and Play

Childcare & Educational Programs

For Toddlers

Set your kids up for success with our toddler programs! Our toddler course is made for children from 18 months to 3 years old in Omaha and 24 months to 3 years old in Council Bluffs.

Program Overview

Social Interaction: Playing and sharing with other children to build social skills

Exploring Their Senses: Activities that explore touch, seeing, smelling, taste and hearing

Gaining Independence: Teaching and allowing children to do things on their own in a safe and supportive environment

Learn to Explore and Experiment: Discovering things in their environment and thinking about how they work

Learn to Deal with Emotions and Frustration: Learning to conquer big emotions and tantrums such as hitting, biting and throwing.

Matching and Sorting Colors: Getting acquainted with colours and learning to associate and match colors together.

Fine Motor Skills: Working with puzzles and blocks to strengthen their fine motor skills

Understanding Quantity: A slow introduction to arithmetic by learning quantities with physical aids such as blocks and dolls.

Language Development: Understanding the most simple sentences spoke to them, learning to speak in three to five word sentences and carrying simple conversations.